Andy Or How Everything Is Already In The Room

performance, 30 min.

Imagine this:

Just after you’ve installed a copy of a 3D animation software you are completely unfamiliar with, you are greeted by a skeleton.

Andy, a didactic mannequin, is looking at you through what seems to be a grin so sticky that it remains unchanged, glued on his face no matter how hard you translate or rotate his wrists, ankles, pelvis or head.

For the fun of it, you try loading other objects in from the left – I mean right corner of the window.

Your right, his left.

But instead of sitting on the chair Andy phases right through it and the chair floats away.

Both remain suspended in space, not bothered by the pace at which the Main Camera rotates.

So fascinated are you with what accrued in an hour’s play that you press hard on your own chair until it – as a byproduct of both your weight and clumsiness – falls on one side by which you only try avoid hurting yourself but remain stiff in a liminal position.

Frozen in a still frame.