A Performing Site for Affective Clones & Whatever They Want

Output of MA thesis research project.

A durational performance made in collaboration with: Ana Jelušić, Ivana Rončević, Ana2 & AnaG8, Ivana2 & IvanaG8, Marko2 MarkoG8 as well as some other clones.

As if there is no inside or outside, your polygon built body dances along the pixels of my LCD screen resembling the klein bottle or the Möbius strip with just one side and one margin. The everlasting negotiation and transfer of information between my GPU and CPU. The polygons of your polymesh upon which a variety of textures and properties are stretched and skewed take the appearance of the organic only when shot with a ray from a point of view of a hypothetical camera, analyzed by the rendering engine which process you into a photorealistic form. A form in which I recognize you.

The affective clones in the title signify a group of anthropomorphic figures, originating from and generated by a digital animation software (DAZ3d Studio and/or Smith Micro Poser). This 3D figures are always juxtaposed with me or with us. Their impalpable bodies are always in relation with our own palpable bodies.

They are somewhere over there, behind the screen, in the screen, in the projection, in the image, they are the image. The image facing us, while we are standing or sitting. Watching. Asking ourselves: What do they want?